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Sara Shiff

Sara is dedicated to helping you grow your business with world class gifts that are used & appreciated every day forever. Contact Sara (763) 464-4483 to brand yourself long-term with your clients!

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Happy Client Testimonials

“One of the biggest mistakes I ever made in my business was focusing on all the new business and not paying attention to the people who already know, like, and trust me. I had no systems in place for thanking clients. What we feel is the best strategy for doing that is making sure you give something that has meaning and long-term value. We use Cutco for that, it lasts a lifetime. It’s the best way we have found to maximize the relationship with out clients”

Jay Kinder
CEO & Co-Founder, National Association of Expert Advisors

I use Cutco for every one of my closings. The knives are super high-quality (I use them in my home) and my clients absolutely rave about them. They stick around with clients for 365 days a year and are engraved with my name so clients can’t get rid of me. [Cutco] is really easy to do business with and they have a great system in place to get your gifts. Go out and start making a WOW impression on your customers by using Cutco Closing Gifts today!

Shayla Gifford
Mortgage Banker, Guild Mortgage + Coach, The CORE Training, Inc.